Civil Litigation


Unfortunately not all tenants are reliable.  Occasionally you will have tenants that are unwilling to pay or refuse to move out of your property.  In some of these cases legal action is required to resolve the issues. 

We act for a number of landlords and, through our experience, we can help to recover rental arrears and return your property to your possession as quickly and cost effectively as possible.  We understand that taking legal action is a big step; we aim to make the process as simply and painless as possible.  Before we proceed with your case we will ensure you understand the stages involved, the possible outcomes and the related costs. 

We can help with:-

The terms of the tenancy to be offered

Drafting and issuing the tenancy

Obtaining the possession of the property after a tenancy has expired

Possession hearings

The Recovery of rent arrears

As a landlord we can also provide advice on acquisitions and disposals securing financing and refinancing, development estate management issues secured lending and disputes.  All areas of civil litigation will be covered in relation to your civil disputes please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Litigation Fees